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Monday, November 30, 2015

House Spotting on Bancroft Drive

Bancroft Drive has some great mid-century modern residences, including the one shown above. Architect Mark Lowrey designed it for the Cabiran Family in 1957. If you are biking along this bayou artery, here are some houses to notice:

Joseph V. Gregoratti Residence (1964)
5300 Bancroft Drive
Contractor: James E. Favret & Co.

Scott Chotin Residence  (1957)
5600 Bancroft Drive
Architect: Charles J. Rowe

Jerome Goldman Residence (1957)
5724 Bancroft Drive
Architect unknown [Possibly Charles J. Rowe]

Louis R. Cabiran Residence (1961)
5730 Bancroft Drive
Architect: Mark Lowrey

Image above:  Mark Lowrey, architect. Louis R. Cabiran Residence, 5730 Bancroft Drive, New Orleans, LA. Google Street View January 2015.